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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 7, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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us for "good morning america." thanks for watching. have a great thursday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead a viewing will be held this afternoon for the man convicted of murdering intern chandra levy. tomorrowe are still waiting to learn if that will be enclosed to the public and to the media. -- a hearing will be held. good morning, i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson. let's get to meteorologist jacqui jeras. will the storm to the north affect us? >> absolutely. cloud beginning to move in. the satellite image shows the cloudiness especially off to our
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west. it is starting to filter in across the region. this is high level cloudiness, but we will still have a little sunshine this morning. we will be cooler this morning and yesterday. 32 at reagan national, 25 at dulles and gaithersburg, 27 this morning in culpeper. staying cloudy through the day high temperature and making it into the low 40's. a little bit of a wintry mix along with some rainfall and much wind shear conditions expected as the coastal low approaches. snow expected in boston, a record breaker. from the belfort furniture weather center, a check on traffic and weather jamee. >> right now, out of the gates and running. not doing so bad on the virginia beltway. overnight roadwork on the maryland beltway. on the right side going north
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towards 270, looks like they are wrapping things up. in good shape of american legion bridge. 270, in good shape. between frederick and the capital beltway, lanes are open. good morning d.c. >> thank you. police are investigating the crash involving a pedestrian. the person was hit and killed just before 1:00 a.m. on route 301 at pointer ridge. police are talking to the driver. >> the man convicted of killing federal interim chandra levy is expected to return to court this afternoon amid questions about the validity of his conviction for. later this morning the d.c. superior court presiding over the case will determine if whether the hearing will be closed to the media and public.
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the suspects' lawyers have requested a new trial based on questions about the credibility of a key prosecution witness in his 2010 trial. a judge has held closed-door hearings on the issue but will not release information for safety reasons. levy disappeared in 2001. her remains later found in rock creek park. >> new details on the benghazi attacks. this will be the focus of the senate armed services committee. defense secretary leon panetta is expected to testify this morning along with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general dempsey. lawmakers will hear about the findings of the defense department's internal review of the attack that killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. >> a confirmation hearing will be held today for president obama's nomination to head the cia. john brenan will appear before the senate intelligence committee. he could face tough questions about people drone strikes, a
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russian delegatio -- harsh interrogation techniques, and more. president obama ordered the justice department to give the house and senate intelligence committees access to classified legal advice just fine drone strikes such as the one that killed anwar al-aulaqi in 2011. >> the methods that we used are designed specifically to avoid civilian casualties. >> it claimed the executive branch can be judge, jury, and executioner. >> a leaked memo says americans with ties to al qaeda can be killed if it is believed the target poses an imminent threat. it does not have to be evidence of a credible prospect. >> the senate is postponing a
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vote on chuck hagel. carl levin had hoped to vote on the nomination today, but he later issued a statement saying no vote would take place this week. a republican said they were dissatisfied with the information chuck hagel provided the panel last week in confirmation hearings. they want more details about his eighth speeches and business dealings. the former nebraska senator already faced opposition for its past statements and votes on israel iran, and nuclear weapons. the environmental community is praising president obama's as for interior secretary. a former bank executive was named. some republicans say she is too closely connected to environmental causes. she would be responsible for national parks as well as fossil fuel deposits, if confirmed. >> this morning president
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obama, the first lady, and vice- president joe biden will attend a national prayer breakfast. 3000 people from 140 countries are expected at the nonpartisan gathering at the washington hilton. this afternoon the president will travel to leesburg, virginia, to address the house democratic issues conference. >> a ground-breaking ceremony will be held today for the new ballou high school in southeast. the project expected to cost $120 million should be completed in two years. the new school will have greene features including rainwater harvesting and solar panels. the football field will move from the south to the north end of the campus. -- green features. the u.s. postal service is counting congress on its decision to end saturday mail delivery. >> jobs are back in focus on wall street. linda bell joining us from bloomberg headquarters to talk about those stories and more. >> let's begin with stock markets. looking at a flat start.
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jobless claims figures coming out ahead of the opening del paso. home-- ahead of the open and bell. home depot is looking to hire more than 80,000 temporary workers. that's a 14% increase from a year ago at a time the housing market is rebounding. the postal service is ending saturday mail delivery, but the packages will still make it to your doorstep on that day. the postal service is setting itself up for a possible showdown with congress. the reason is because it is ending the saturday mail service, but whether or not lawmakers approved, it says. there's a loss for 1981 requiring the postal service to deliver mail six days a week. postal service says it has decided to remove the language because it receives money from congress just like other agencies do. with your people sending letters, the agency is losing
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$25 million a day. could your telephone be powered by the sun? apple is looking into it. more on that in my next report. back to you. >> thank you. 4:38 right now, 31 degrees. >> new jersey governor chris christie has joked about his weight, is firing back at a particular critic. >> this is another hack who wants five minutes on tv. >> and pecan here is
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>> good thursday morning to you washington. a live look over the u.s. capitol. a clear but cool morning in our region. we want to talk to jacqui jeras about what we will be looking at for the rest of the day because you said tonight into tomorrow could be in a little action. >> especially ewould and west of the metro, talking about a little wintry mix. bridges and overpasses always ice up first. it's 25 degrees now in manassas and gaithersburg and in
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hagerstown at this hour. the satellite and radar shows the clouds that have been filtering in from the south and west. mostly high level clouds so it will not be a really cold start this morning. there's an area of low pressure and down in the deep south. that will combine with a cold front that will be through the great lakes right now. that will become a big coastal system. what kind of impact will we have today? just clouds. 38-44 for the afternoon high. likely after midnight we will see rain, snow, sleet mixing together. that will change all rain by midmorning tomorrow at the latest. a huge impact for travelers in new england's. details on that minutes away. what about? looking good so far.
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jamee? >> glenn beck good news. quite right now on 95. -- that is good news. in the process of reopening the hov lanes on the bridge. commuters already headed north in that area. crossing the american legion bridge, no delays. there was overnight construction out of virginia into maryland but that has been picked up. wisconsin avenue 355 near willard towards western avenue, they still have some crusews out but no delays. back to you. >> thank you. it's 31 degrees on this thursday morning. >> more on the debate over guns in america. what some house democrats plan
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>> investigators are trying to find out who fire bombed a sandwich shop in fairfax county. explosion happened wednesday on richmond highway in lorton. the blast sparked a fire that destroyed just about everything inside the shop. the owner was rushed to the hospital with non-life- threatening burns. this is not the first time this has happened. >> for this to happen over and over again.
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>> this was targeted. >> i don't think he should do this again the way things are going. >> three years ago a fire swept through that business and it reopened the following year, then a few months ago vandals broke in and smashed the store and painted graffiti including the phrase "mind your own business." house democrats are expected to add their voices today to the growing debate on guns. democrats will unveil gun- control plan similar to the one put forward by president obama of. it will likely include bans on assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines and require background checks of all gun sales. these proposals are unlikely to go anywhere in the republican controlled body. >> with less than a week till the president gives his state of the union address, republicans have revealed who will give the bottle. senator marco rubio will deliver the response tuesday night in
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english as well as in spanish. this is part of a gop effort to reach out to hispanic voters. he is seen as a potential 2016 presidential contender. >> the national transportation safety board is expected as a more today about the ongoing investigation into battery fires ongoing 787 dreamliners. comes a day after the head of the ntsb said lithium ion batteries are not necessarily unsafe for airplanes but do need safeguards to prevent battery fires. that's what led to the planes be grounded. >> the boy scouts of america delaying a decision on whether to ease its policy on including gays. a decision is expected in may. officials say the delay is needed because of the complexity of the issue. they are reviewing the policy. the board is considering allowing sponsors of local troops to decide for themselves
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whether or not gays should be allowed. >> 7 is on your side with. basketball legends and "mompreneuer" magic johnson will speak and how or university hospital today. -- entrepreneur. >> he will talk about basketball and how the stigma of having hiv has affected him and others. he's been an advocate for prevention and eliminating the stigma. >> whitman walker helped will offer free and hiv testing at the anacostia metro station from noon until 3:00 p.m. and at a bachelor's mill from 10:00 p.m. through 12:30 p.m. and you can get tested at the elizabeth taylor medical center from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and at the max robinson center from 9:00 a.m.
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through four corners 30 p.m.. for more informations, log on to to >> new jersey governor chris christie does not shy away from jokes about his weight. recent comments made by a former white house position don't seem to sit well with him. >> earlier this week the doctor said she would like to see in him and run for president in 2016 but that he needs to lose weight. she said that she worries he could die in office. chris christie said his 12-year- old son heard the comments from the doctor and asked him if he was going to die. >> this is irresponsible. people who have a medical license should conduct themselves more responsibly. if she wants to get on a plane and come to new jersey to ask me if she wants to examine me to review my medical history, i will have a conversation with her. until that time, shut up. >> he has repeatedly said that keeping his weight in check as
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been an ongoing struggle. >> and we will check in with jacqui jeras to find out how the forecast in shaping upper. >> not a bad day. the clouds are coming in an earlier than expected. acorn to be overcast. the clouds are high level clouds. there is a little sunshine trying to sneak in and. 32 degrees is the temperature with a dew point of 23. the air is beginning to get saturated. that is ahead of our next coastal system. we have a lot of twenties on the map at this hour. 23 in frederick, 25 in hagerstown, 27 degrees in winchester, 25 in manassas and 28 in quantico. let's look into the future and to help you with the timing on this system. clouds will be a predominant throughout the afternoon. we could start as snow, but it is more likely a wintry mix late-night into the early morning for tomorrow before we
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start to see the transition to all rain with temperatures in the mid 40's tomorrow afternoon. very windy conditions behind this system to clear as out friday night into saturday want. the impact of this storm is not huge for us. huge for the folks up to the north. a breezy start to the weekend on saturday. lots of sunshine on sunday, 49 degrees. hang in there. pa>> nice and quiet and around the entire metropolitan area. there was road work on the beltway and north of the american legion bridge near river road. and has been picked up. traffic moving great. still some construction and about, wisconsin avenue at willard avenue near western causing any problems. no problems to report on 66 greenway, or the toll road.
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back to you. >> thank you. 4:52, 32 degrees right now. >> coming up, where you can go today to get your picture taken with a famous statuette. >> and other ravens star is hitting the late-night talk-show
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>> prepare for the scandal hour.
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the former boxer mike tyson opening up about his relationship with robin givens. and actress kerry washington will also be on "katie" today at 4:00 on abc 7. kachin all new scandal tonight at 10:00. i cannot wait for that. after you watch scandal and abc 7 news at 11:00, stick around for jimmy kimmel. >> ravens receiver jacoby jones will be a guest on late night show and he will discuss setting a super bowl record with 108 yard returns and winning the championship as well. jimmy kimmel live tonight at 11:35 right here on abc 7. >> you will want to check out good morning america after our newscasts this morning. they will have a special announcement concerning robin roberts, on medical leave as she
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recovers, bone marrow transplant. she recently returned to times square. she plans to return next month. gma begins at 7:00 this morning. >> today is your chance to get a picture with the statuette of oscar. he is resting right now but he will join us live in the 6:00 hour. he will be here on "good morning washington." you can meet him tonight asked le meridien arlington on 19th street beginning at 5:00 p.m. has the information. >> looking at 32 degrees right now. >> still ahead netflix at could
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